The Langley Research and Development Business Park Association, Inc., was incorporated July 6, 2000 as a non-profit, non-stock corporation organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Association specific purpose is to:

  1. act as a collective voice for non-municipal owners of property and businesses located within the Park,
  2. foster awareness of decisions and activities that affect Park businesses,
  3. promote the positive aspects of the City of Hampton,
  4. gather and distribute relevant information to the property and businesses owners located within the Park, and
  5. work in harmony with the local municipality and development organizations to promote appreciation of property values within the Park.

The Association represents over 36 businesses, 10 property owners, 6 owner/occupants and nearly 750 employees. Association membership is available to all Park property owners as well as business owners.

The success of the business association is ultimately dependent on all owners and businesses becoming members and participating in the group. Please see our Membership link for information on joining the group.

  1. Business Membership List
  2. Association Membership Application Form: (Online form and downloadable form coming soon)
  3. Association Priorities
    1. R & D Park Master Plan to address remaining land use
    2. Main Entrance Beautification (off of Magruder Blvd & Bloyd Thompson Dr.)
    3. Back Entrance Beautification (off of Armistead Ave/Commander Shepard Blvd.)
    4. Aging/Obsolete Buildings (3221 N. Armistead Avenue/Commander Shepard Blvd.)
    5. Repositioning the Park for Today's Contractors
    6. Pedestrian/Roadway Connectivity: Commander Shepard Boulevard
    7. Business to Business among Park Members and Nearby Business Parks
    8. Nearby Retail Amenities (restaurants, banks, etc.)
    9. Future Infrastructure Improvements
    10. Landscaping Maintenance
    11. Park Drainage System
    12. Wetlands Remediation for Future Expansions
    13. Signage Improvements
  4. Minutes
  5. Langley R & D Business Park Covenants
  6. Langley R & D Park Business Assoc. - Articles of Incorporation
  7. Langley R & D Park Business Assoc. - By-Laws
  8. Langley R & D Park Business Assoc. - SCC Certificate